Level II Shock Testing Service (Adjuster Sweep)

Regular price $100.00

This is our second level service to dyno test an adjustable shock and provide that test data to the customer.

Each adjuster will be swept from min to max in at least 5 steps.  For shocks with multiple adjusters, each adjuster will be tested individually while the other adjusters are left at their midrange setting.  The peak test speed for these adjuster sweeps is customer's choice between 0.5 and 10 in /s.

Dyno sweep test specs:

  • Shock warm up to 95°F
  • Single point gas force test
  • Sine wave input
  • Peak velocity between 0.5 and 10 in/s
  • Between runs shock setting changes, test input does not

*Note: This service is only valid for shocks with monoball or bushing connections.  For shocks or struts with alternate mounting such as studs or clamping mechanisms please contact us about current fixturing, options, and fees.